The President’s Message


I am glad to launch our Members Directory-2015 on the occasion of 31st Foundation Day of “THE VIDARBHA PLASTIC INDUSTRIES ASSOCIATION”. I would like to thank Mr. Pavan Chacha, Dr. Prashant Agrawal and their team for compiling and Publishing this useful directory. I appreciate all the plastic industrialists for their kind cooperation and advertisements.

This is the time of Innovative, Aggressive and Competitive manufacturing. Demand of plastic products is fast increasing and it’s our prime responsibility to satisfy our customers with best quality product manufactured at reasonable price. There is only one way to stay ahead in global competition that is to “Use best technology at the right time” and that’s why we organize visits of our members to various industries as well as International exhibitions. Recently all the members of this association have played a commendable role in generating revenue and growth of the plastic industry, hence I would like to pay my regards for their worthwhile contribution to Vidarbha region. “THE VIDARBHA PLASTIC INDUSTRIES ASSOCIATION” was established in 1984 with some special movies like, to make every possible efforts for development of Plastic industry in Vidarbha, to help members in their problems related to government legislations, raw material supplies, to fulfill their requirement for skilled as well as technical personnel, to coordinate with industrial administration in formulation and implementation of varies government policies, to organize Exhibitions, Seminars, Workshop, to inform about new techniques for improving technical proficiency in order to keep in touch with continues evolving innovative technologies.

I am very pleased to inform, that our association is continuously pursuing its objectives for the past three decades, and will continue to do in future also. This Member’s Directory will serve as a guide for Vidarbha Plastic Industry to impart information of plastic products.

Vishal Agrawal



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